Welcome to the website for the Horizon Pointe Lacey Homeowners' Association! (If you are looking for the website for our management company, VIS, please see the "Contact Us" link.)  We think we have a wonderful neighborhood here and we hope you’ll find this is a great neighborhood to live in. 

Our goal for this website is to be an easy-to-find, easy-to-use resource of reliable information for our residents, whether owner or tenant, and for potential residents and anyone else with an interest in our neighborhood as well.  We hope to enable our residents to find as many answers to their questions on their own as possible and encourage greater engagement with the community.  We just started building this website at the start of 2022, so it will take time to get as much on here as we envision, but we’ll keep working on it!

Announcements/Upcoming Events

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The Board meets on the third Thursday of every month at 6:30 via Zoom.  All Association members are encouraged to join us!

The link for the recurring meeting can be found by signing in to your account owner portal at the link below under "Documents -> Meeting Announcement and Info".  (You can also download that document and just save it to your computer to refer to instead of having to look it up each month!)



Board:  With 844 homes in our association, it is very difficult for just 8 people (our current count) to effectively represent them all as a Board.  We especially need a new Treasurer!  Please send an email to Board president, Ed Pole, through VIS as soon as possible.  The full description of the jobs may be found on this site in the By-Laws under “Homeowner Resources->Governing documents”.

Committees:  While Board membership is reserved for Association members, ANY resident of Horizon Pointe Lacey may serve on a committee.

Architectural Control – The CCRs require the committee chair to be a member of the Board, but other members don't have to be.  Most ACC requests are routine, but sometimes there are unusual ones.  Contact ACC Chair Ed Pole through VIS.

Communications/website – The basic framework is up, but we could really use some help refining it, and with keeping up with new content such as events in the neighborhood and government-related announcements (such as roadwork that will impact the area.)  Contact web manager Susie Aasen through the website contact email below.

Social Engagement – We're trying to get more neighborhood events going!  You can serve on the committee itself or just help with certain events.  Want to help or have ideas for activities?  Contact Board member Michael S. Patterson through VIS, at Michael.hphoa@gmail.com, or look him up on the Horizon Pointe FB group.