Welcome to the website for the Horizon Pointe Lacey Homeowners' Association! (If you are looking for the website for our management company, VIS, please see the "Contact Us" tab.)

We think we have a wonderful neighborhood here and we hope you’ll find this is a great neighborhood to live in. 

Our goal for this website is to be an easy-to-find, easy-to-use resource of reliable information for our residents, whether owner or tenant, and for potential residents and anyone else with an interest in our neighborhood as well.  We hope to enable our residents to find as many answers to their questions on their own as possible and encourage greater engagement with the community.

We just started building this website at the start of 2022 and only have one person creating content at the time of this post, so it will take time to get as much on here as we envision, but we’ll keep working on it!


The Board meets on the third Thursday of every month at 6:30 via Zoom.  All Association members are encouraged to join us!

The link for the recurring meeting can be found by signing in to your account owner portal (link below) and looking under "Documents -> Meeting Announcement and Info".



Both our Secretary and Treasurer have had to step down recently. These positions are vital!

Treasurer: Although our management company handles the day-to-day financial dealings, the treasurer is responsible for oversight. We are only a few months away from beginning the budgeting process for 2023, so it is critical that we get a new treasurer on-board ASAP so he/she will have time to get familiar with our financial situation. The full description of the job may be found here in the By-Laws under “Homeowner Resources->Governing documents”.

Secretary: Board members come and Board members go, but in one year, five years, ten years the Board minutes kept are still going to be here serving as the historic memory what decisions were made, when, why, and by whom. The full description of the job may be found here in the By-Laws under “Homeowner Resources->Governing documents”.

We are also in great need of members-at-large. It is very difficult for just 6 people (our current count!) to effectively represent the 844 homeowners of the Association.

If you would be willing to serve in any of these Board positions, please send an email to Board president, Ed Pole, through VIS as soon as possible.

We also need community members to serve on committees. While Board membership is reserved for Association members, ANY resident of Horizon Pointe Lacey may serve on a committee.

The current committees are:

Architectural Control – This is the only Covenant-required committee, and the chair must be a member of the Board. An ACC request is supposed to be put in for any major change to the exterior of a home. Most requests are routine, but sometimes there are unusual ones. The fewer people on the committee, the narrower the perspective when it comes to these applications. Interested? Contact ACC Chair Ed Pole through VIS.

Communication – This website is currently a one-person show. It would be helpful to have more people helping to create content and propose design ideas. Interested? Contact web manager Susie Aasen through the website contact email.

Social Engagement – After two years of isolation with covid, the neighborhood is ready for some face-to-face interaction! You can offer to serve on the committee itself or just help with certain events.

Contact Board member...

Michael Patterson at Michael.hphoa@gmail.com.

Upcoming Events

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