Homeowners Resources

All "significant changes" to the exterior of your home or yard need to be reviewed and approved by the ACC before you begin any projects, per our CCRs.  There are a lot of applications going in before the summer "home improvement season" starts, so be sure to get your application in early!

To submit an ACC request, download the ACC request form from your account portal “Documents->Forms”->ACC form – fillable pdf”.  Fill out the form, then save it to your computer along with any other documentation, such as drawings or photos.  Go back to your account and click on “Architectural” at the top, then click on the “Submit New Request” button on the left.  Choose from the options in the drop-down menu.  This will create your application number and open a small window with three steps to complete submitting your request.  (At any time, you can close the window, and get back into it by clicking on that application number under the “Architectural” tab.)

Fence Example & Approved Stain Colors

Fence Standards

Paint Color Palette

The following forms are available through your account portal under "Documents->Forms".  They are fillable PDFs.

ACH Form  This is to set up auto withdrawal using  the "ACH/EFT" tab on the main account menu.  Going through this tab to set it up will not result in any extra charge for the service.

CCR Violation and Fine Appeal Form  Use this form if you want to dispute a violation, agree that there is a violation but wish to request an extension on remedying the violation, or when you have remedied a violation and wish to request a waiver of fines association with the violation.  

Complaint Form Use this form to lodge a complaint against a fellow resident for violation of a CCR or Guideline.  You will be asked to cite the CCR or Guideline violated.  (Our governing documents are searchable, both here and on your account portal.)  All information on who has filed complaints is kept anonymous.

Payment Plan Agreement Form  This form is used for setting up a payment plan if you have fallen behind on your account.  The manager will present it to the Board for approval/denial.  Having a payment plan in place to get caught up will help you avoid late fees, late fee letter administration fees, and interest charges if you follow through, although there is still a fee for administration of the plan.

NOTE:  Documents are searchable PDFs, but Firefox doesn't always play nice.  If the search icon doesn't come up, using "CTRL+F" will do the same thing.

Articles of Incorporation

This is the original document that created our Association.


Covenants, Conditions, & Restrictions (Declaration)

This is the bedrock set of rules governing the functioning of the Association, created by the developer as a condition of being allowed to build,  filed 10/14/2005 before the development even was built.



This document lays out specifics for the procedural functioning of the Board and Association members.  This updated version was adopted in September of 2021.


Guidelines Rules and Enforcement 10.21.21

This document is a "shorthand" version of the CCRs, interpreting how particular items will be enforced, and addressing issues not on the radar at the time of incorporation.  It was created by the Board of Directors.


Horizon Pointe Lacey Barking Policy

This policy was adopted in 2022.


HPLHOA Collections policy 7-15-2021 signed

This is the current collection policy adopted in 2021.

These are the original detailed maps of the HOA that are filed with the Thurston County Auditor.  Each is a set of maps with multiple pages of varying detail and scale.  (The maps are shown sideways, which is a pain, but that is how they are on the TCA website, from where they were downloaded.) 

Division 1 Plat Map     Balustrade to Radius (and the storm ponds between Radius and the train tracks) Rainier Rd. to Prism

Division 2 Plat Map      Balustrade to Radius, Stone to Balustrade/Radius intersection

Division 3 Plat Map    Balustrade to 66th AVENUE SE; Rainier Rd. to Bailey St., 66th WAY, Breeze St, and Fresco St.  (The Bailey/66th Street/Breeze/Fresco edge is a bit tricky!)

Here is the original concept map for the whole Horizon Pointe complex of six divisions.  Our HOA comprises only I, II, and III.  See "About" for more on the crazy history!

Horizon_Pointe Div 1-6 Triway Enterprise


Here is a map of all the common areas that the HOA owns and is responsible for maintaining.

HP Common Areas with aerial


State:  Washington   https://access.wa.gov/

County:  Thurston https://www.thurstoncountywa.gov/tchome/Pages/default.aspx

City:  Lacey  https://cityoflacey.org/ 

           Lacey Public Works Department (to report sidewalk problems, street lights out, etc.)  https://cityoflacey.org/lacey-311/

Zipcode:  98513  (Note that in some automated systems, this will come up as “Olympia” even though we are legally LACEY.  Don’t worry!  Mail will still get here, even with the wrong city name.)

Fire:  Lacey Fire District #3 https://laceyfire.com/  non-emergency (360) 491-2410  Nearest fire station is at 6500 Mullen Rd. SE, roughly 2.5 miles depending on where you are in the neighborhood.

Police:  City of Lacey non-emergency  (360) 704-2740

Animal Services:  Joint Animal Services  ("the pound" or "animal control")  3120 Martin Way E.  (360) 352-2510

Property legal and tax informationhttps://www.co.thurston.wa.us/assessor/  You can look up your property and tax amounts, download a copy of your annual tax assessment, and find a complete breakdown of where your property taxes go to.  To pay your property taxes, go to https://www.thurstoncountywa.gov/treasurer .



Water/Sewer:  City of Lacey Utilities (360) 491-3214 

Electricity/gas:  Puget Sound Energy   https://www.pse.com/    (888) 225-5773

Trash/recycling PICK-UP:   LeMay Pacific Disposal http://www.thurston.lemayinc.com/   (360) 923-0111 

Our trash is picked up on Thursday.  Recycling is picked up every other week; on their website, we are “Week B.” Glass is picked up every other recycling week; on their website, we are “Week B1.”  Trash cans are very dark green.  Cardboard, etc. recycling cans are green with white/cream lids.  Yard waste recycling cans are blue.  Glass may be put out in any rigid container between 5 and 20 gallons that has drainage on the bottom; you may put out more than one container.  For complete instructions of what is acceptable to recycle, go to the website!  (For a private-run, paid option to recycle lots of things that LeMay doesn't take, check out www.Ridwell.com.)

Trash/recycling/dump INFORMATION on ‘Where do I take my…?”:   Thurston County Public Works Garbage & Recycling https://www.thurstoncountywa.gov/pw/sw-grhome/Pages/sw-Main.aspx or call  (360) 867-2491 

Intercity Transit (IT) Bus routes: https://www.intercitytransit.com/   (360) 786-1881  ALL IT BUS ROUTES (and Dial-A-Lift) ARE FREE!  Route #64 runs down Balustrade Blvd. and proceeds up Rainier Rd/College St. SE to the Lacey transit center on 6th Ave. SE; Route #94 runs on Yelm Highway toward town up Boulevard Ave. and down State Ave. to the Olympia transit center downtown.


North Thurston School District  https://www.nthurston.k12.wa.us/ 

Elementary school:  Horizons  4601 - 67th Ave SE (on Rainier Rd. SE)  (360) 412-4710

Middle school:  Komachin (Kuh-MAH-chin) 3650  College St. SE  (360) 412-4740

High school:  Timberline  6120 Mullen Rd. SE  (360) 412-4860

Local helpful FB groups (These are NOT associated with the HOA Board.  Most groups are open to all the Horizon Pointe areas; some include surrounding areas beyond.) There is a NextDoor group, as well.

Horizon Pointe Lacey, Washington  (largest and most active)

Horizon Pointe Hands With Heart

Horizon Pointe Lacey WA

Horizon Pointe Lacey Missing Pets

Horizon Pointe Lacey Neighborhood Watch

Horizon Pointe Community Sale Group

Horizon Pointe Neighbors Questions/Business/Sales/Help/Anything

Horizon Pointe Walking

Other helpful local FB pages:

--Virtually all local governments and agencies have pages you can follow for announcements

-Thurston Co. Scanner, News, & Weather Blog – Privately owned and run by humorous hosts #NotCraig and #NotKaren, this site posts news of things going on with police and fire locally, major weather news, notices of traffic accidents and tie-ups, and the latest delivery truck vs. Mullen Road Trestle contest winner.

-Lost and Found Pets of Thurston County, WA and Surrounding Areas

-Olympia-Lacey Lost and Found Pets

Glad to have you here!  Here’s some information  to help you in the first rush of getting go know a new place –  nearest critical businesses, some fun cultural information and lingo, and help for pronouncing what may be very unfamiliar names.

Where’s the nearest….?

Airport:  SeaTac  (Seattle-Tacoma)  about 1.15 hour north off of I-5 if traffic is good

Amtrack  station: Take Balustrade Blvd. east (away from Rainier Rd.) past Horizon Pointe Park to Yelm Highway, turn right, go over the bridge, turn left

Greyhound bus station:  205 Franklin St. NE in downtown Olympia

Urgent care:  Multicare Indigo 5128 Yelm Highway SE  (360) 763-7040

Hospital:  St. Peter Hospital on Lilly Rd.  (360) 491-9480  

Emergency vet:  Olympia Pet Emergency 4441 Pacific Ave. SE   (360) 455-5155

Dog Park (off-leash): 2008 Yelm Hwy. or 2420 Hogum Bay Rd. NE (both have large and small dog areas)

Coffee shop:  Almost every business zone corner and inside most grocery stores!  This is WASHINGTON, after all! 

Gas station: Chevron  5700 Ruddell Rd.  just north of Yelm Highway (a new Kroger gas station is being put in by the QFC on Rainier but no opening date yet available as of 7/2022)  Most grocery stores have electric car charging stations.

Grocery stores:  QFC on the southwest corner of Rainier Rd./College St. and Yelm Highway, Safeway on the northeast corner, and Walmart on Yelm Highway between College and Ruddell Rd.

Home improvement store:  Lowes on northwest corner of Yelm Highway and College St.

Parks with playgrounds:  our own little “tot lot” north of Balustrade on Inlay (for littles only), Horizon Pointe Park on Balustrade, and William A. Bush Park on Yelm Highway (full meal deal with climbing equipment plus swings, plus a lovely water retention pond populated by redwing blackbirds, ducks, and other waterfowl.)

Pharmacy:  All the grocery stores listed above have pharmacies, as well as the RiteAid by QFC.  RiteAid and Walmart have drive-through.

Driver’s license office:  Off of Sleater-Kinney Rd. SE and Pacific Ave. SE in the Petsmart strip mall

County Dump and hazardous waste disposal:  Thurston County Waste and Recovery Center  2420 Hogum Bay Rd. NE  (see the website under “trash/recycling information” under “Local Info and Links”)

Walking/running/cycling trail:  Chehalis Western Trail (wide, paved path runs from Chehalis to the Puget Sound) For nearest access, go straight through the roundabout at Balustrade and Rainier Rd. Se Blvd. SE and continue on 67th Ave. SE.  Second-closest access from Yelm Highway at the overpass just past William Bush Park.



Main state university rivalry:  The University of Washington (UW; “the U-Dub”) is in Seattle, with satellite branches in several cities, mascot Husky (“Huskies” or “Dawgs”), colors are purple and gold VS. Washington State University (WSU; “wa-ZOO”) is in Pullman across the state by the Idaho border, also with satellite campuses, mascot Cougar (“the Cougs”), colors crimson and white.  It is (largely) a friendly rivalry.  The annual football match is the Apple Cup at the end of the season and alternates cities for location.  (Other State-sponsored colleges are:  The Evergreen State College, right here in Olympia; attendees/alumni are known as “Greenies.”  Western Washington University up north in Bellingham, nearly to the Canadian border.  Central Washington University is just over the Cascade mountains east in Ellensburg.  Eastern Washington University is all the way across the state in Cheney, nearly to Spokane, which sits at the Idaho border.)

NFL team:  Seattle Seahawks (“the Hawks”); colors blue, silver, and bright green; their arena is Lumen Field (formerly known as and still often referred to as Century Link.)  Teams are only allowed 11 men on the field, but the Seattle fans have a legendary record of being so loud that they came to be known collectively as the “12th man”, and fans often proudly wear the number on jerseys.  (In the Kingdome, the original stadium for the Seahawks, the fans could make so much noise stomping that it would register on the seismographs at the UW.)

MLB team:  Seattle Mariners (“the M’s”); mascot the Mariner Moose; colors navy blue, “northwest green”, and metallic silver; official cap insignia is a compass over a baseball on a silver S, but an “M” in the shape of an upside-down trident is commonly used on fan apparel.  They play in T-Mobile Park which has a retractable roof.  They have a AAA team, the Tacoma Rainiers, who play at Cheney Stadium in Tacoma.

MLS team:  Seattle Sounders; mascot Sammy the Sounder, an orca whale; colors bright blue and green, team symbol incorporates the Seattle Space Needle.  They play at Lumen Field.  Comedian Drew Carey is one of the owners.

NWSL team:  OL Reign; colors blue, white, and gold; symbol is a stylized lion (which replaced the older badge showing a queen with a crown.)  They play at Lumen Field.

NHL team:  Seattle Kraken; colors “deep sea blue, ice blue, boundless blue, and red alert” (we’re not making this up!); symbol is a stylized, divided light blue S representing a tentacle, with a red eye in the top curve.  The kraken is a legendary sea monster of enormous size reputed to bring down entire ships.  They play at Climate Pledge Arena.  (Not making that name up, either!)




Alki –  like “alkali” minus the “al” in the middle.  It’s a Point and Beach in West Seattle.

Bangor – BANG-er, just like in Maine

Chewelah – chuh-WEE-luh

Chimacum – CHIM-eh-come

Chuckanut – CHUCK-a-nut

Ephrata – ee-FREIGHT-uh

Humptulips – just like it looks.  Yes, really.

Ilwaco – ill-WALK-o

Kalaloch – kuh-LAY-lock

Nisqually – Nih-SQUALL-ee

Nooksack – NOOK (like “look”)-sack

Ohanapecosh – o-HAN-uh-peh-COSH 

Pahlouse – puh-LOOSE  (the rolling plains of southeast WA, from which the Appaloosa horse originated)

Puyallup – pew-AL (like Weird Al)- lup

Sekiu – SEA-cue

Sequim – skwim

Skookumchuk -  SKOOK (like “look”) -um-chuck

Sleater-Kinney -  SLEETer-KIN-nee  (A main north-south street in Lacey from which the famous punk rock band took its name)

Tillikum – TILL-eh-come

Washougal – wah-SHOE-gull


Funky Fauna:

Geoduck – GOOey-duck  (Yes, really) (a very large, weird-looking clam popular for digging up on beaches)


Miscellaneous facts:

-For gardening, we are considered USDA Hardiness Zones 8a and 8b. 

-Western Washington does not have rattlesnakes or any other venomous snakes.

- Western Washington does not have medically-concerning venomous spiders apart from a few small populations of black widows here or there or (around Seattle) a garden spider called the yellow sac spider.  Although hobo spiders may be found, they are shy and reluctant biters, and their venom is no worse than the general run of spiders.  The occasional brown recluse has inadvertently been imported in produce or products from other parts of the country, but it is not native here. The ginormous slightly hairy brown/grey spiders that may venture out into your house in the mid-summer to early fall are giant house spiders (eratigena atrica) and they are NOT dangerous.  Although big and ugly enough to give you a heart attack, with up to a 4” leg span, they are highly beneficial.  The males generally only venture out during mating season looking for love. 

-There ARE ticks in Western Washington, though they are not widespread.  Lyme is exceedingly rare, but other tick-borne illnesses are more common.  If you like camping, do your tick inspections!

-Fleas are common, but one yard may have a lot of them while the neighbors have few.

-The big hedge bushes with reddish leaves that are everywhere are photonia (foe-TIN-ee-uh).  The common groundcover with the tiny, round, deep green leaves and small, bright red berries is cotoneaster (kuh-TONE-ee-ASS-ter). 

-The difference between rhododendrons (road-o-DEN-druns) and azaleas (uh-ZAY-lee-uhs) is mostly one of size.  Rhodies have stouter and fewer stems to their bushes and grow larger.  Much, much larger.  Their flowers are also larger.  Both put on very showy blooms in spring in a wide variety of colors.  If you have a rhodie and want to keep it small(er), break off the new tips that form after flowering. 


What is…/what does …. mean?:

-“You guys” addresses any plural of people, male, female, or mixed.  (“Y’all” is understood, but most folks here get lost at “all y’all”.)

-We use shopping carts at the store, not “buggies”.  Buggies are for dolls to ride in.

-“Pop” is a generic for soda or soft drinks; sometimes even “Coke” is used this way.

-Interstate Highways are referred to as “I-(#)” – as in “I-5”, not “the 5”.  (Looking at you, Californians!)

-“Doing the Puyallup” refers to going to the Western Washington State Fair, which is held in Puyallup for three weeks every September.  School children will be given free tickets to attend. 

-“The mountain is out today!” refers to Mt. Rainier, which we usually keep wrapped in clouds to hide it from tourists so they’ll doubt whether is actually exists.  Mt. St. Helens is NOT visible from here, even in good weather, being 2.5 hours south.  (Well worth the drive to go see, however.)

-The “Tacoma Dome” is a concrete-lidded stadium in Tacoma that hosts concerts, conventions, boat shows, garden shows, monster truck rallies, motocross, and other events.  (The Kingdome was in Seattle and served the same purpose, as well as being the home field for the Seahawks and Mariners but was demolished in 2000.)

-The raised bumps on the highways are for the benefit of our blind drivers. (OK, no, actually, those are used because they are more visible in rain than paint stripes.)   The little stick off the side of our steering column is the “turn confirmator”, which, if used at all, is turned on to confirm that one is making the turn one is already making.  (There is a chronic shortage of blinker fluid here, though, so many people use this tool very sparingly.)

-The “Western Washington Rain Festival” runs from October through May.

-“Yakistan” refers to Army field training in Yakima in the south-central part of the state.

-“Permadrizzle” is more than mist and less than rain but will still get you wet if you’re out in it long enough.  (Native Washingtonians seldom use umbrellas.)

-Western Washingtonians don’t tan; they rust. 

-Real coffee is “leaded”; “unleaded” is the opposite. 

- The frequently seen macramé-type hangings of a woven circle, often adorned with beads or feathers, that may be used as wall-hangings, jewelry, rear-view mirror danglies, or other, are known as “dream catchers”, and are of indigenous origin now popularized. 

“The trestle won again!”  There is a local road (Mullen Rd. SE) running under a low railroad trestle, and people driving delivery trucks are constantly challenging it for dominance.  They lose, turning their boxcars into flatbeds.

-"the convergence zone" refers to the trough of WA that runs between the Cascade Mountains to the east and the Olympic Mountains to the west.  Weather systems approaching from the ocean hit the Olympics and may go south around them and come up north, go north around them and come down south, or may split and go around to meet in the middle.  This makes predicting the weather in this "convergence zone" so difficult!

-Why is JBLM sometimes called Ft. Lewis?  For many decades, there were two separate bases - Fort Lewis Army Base and McChord Air Force Base.  Back in 2010, for budgetary efficiency reasons, the two were merged and became Joint Base Lewis-McChord.  So, people who have been here since before then still tend to refer to it as just Fort Lewis.  When firing exercises are being held, when the weather is right, it will shake the windows here like a sonic boom!