Homeowners Resources

All "significant changes" to the exterior of your home or yard need to be reviewed and approved by the ACC before you begin any projects, per our CCRs.  There are a lot of applications going in before the summer "home improvement season" starts, so be sure to get your application in early!

To submit an ACC request, download the ACC request form from your account portal “Documents->Forms”->ACC form – fillable pdf”.  Fill out the form, then save it to your computer along with any other documentation, such as drawings or photos.  Go back to your account and click on “Architectural” at the top, then click on the “Submit New Request” button on the left.  Choose from the options in the drop-down menu.  This will create your application number and open a small window with three steps to complete submitting your request.  (At any time, you can close the window, and get back into it by clicking on that application number under the “Architectural” tab.)

Fence Example & Approved Stain Colors

Fence Standards

Paint Color Palette

The following forms are available through your account portal under "Documents->Forms".  They are fillable PDFs.

ACH Form  This is to set up auto withdrawal using  the "ACH/EFT" tab on the main account menu.  Going through this tab to set it up will not result in any extra charge for the service.

CCR Violation and Fine Appeal Form  Use this form if you want to dispute a violation, agree that there is a violation but wish to request an extension on remedying the violation, or when you have remedied a violation and wish to request a waiver of fines association with the violation.  

Complaint Form Use this form to lodge a complaint against a fellow resident for violation of a CCR or Guideline.  You will be asked to cite the CCR or Guideline violated.  (Our governing documents are searchable, both here and on your account portal.)  All information on who has filed complaints is kept anonymous.

Payment Plan Agreement Form  This form is used for setting up a payment plan if you have fallen behind on your account.  The manager will present it to the Board for approval/denial.  Having a payment plan in place to get caught up will help you avoid late fees, late fee letter administration fees, and interest charges if you follow through, although there is still a fee for administration of the plan.

NOTE:  Documents are searchable PDFs, but Firefox doesn't always play nice.  If the search icon doesn't come up, using "CTRL+F" will do the same thing.

Articles of Incorporation

This is the original document that created our Association.


Covenants, Conditions, & Restrictions (Declaration)

This is the bedrock set of rules governing the functioning of the Association, created by the developer as a condition of being allowed to build,  filed 10/14/2005 before the development even was built.



This document lays out specifics for the procedural functioning of the Board and Association members.  This updated version was adopted in September of 2021.


Guidelines Rules and Enforcement 10.21.21

This document is a "shorthand" version of the CCRs, interpreting how particular items will be enforced, and addressing issues not on the radar at the time of incorporation.  It was created by the Board of Directors.


Horizon Pointe Lacey Barking Policy

This policy was adopted in 2022.


HPLHOA Collections policy 7-15-2021 signed

This is the current collection policy adopted in 2021.

These are the original detailed maps of the HOA that are filed with the Thurston County Auditor.  Each is a set of maps with multiple pages of varying detail and scale.  (The maps are shown sideways, which is a pain, but that is how they are on the TCA website, from where they were downloaded.) 

Division 1 Plat Map     Balustrade to Radius (and the storm ponds between Radius and the train tracks) Rainier Rd. to Prism

Division 2 Plat Map      Balustrade to Radius, Stone to Balustrade/Radius intersection

Division 3 Plat Map    Balustrade to 66th AVENUE SE; Rainier Rd. to Bailey St., 66th WAY, Breeze St, and Fresco St.  (The Bailey/66th Street/Breeze/Fresco edge is a bit tricky!)

Here is the original concept map for the whole Horizon Pointe complex of six divisions.  Our HOA comprises only I, II, and III.  See "About" for more on the crazy history!

Horizon_Pointe Div 1-6 Triway Enterprise


Here is a map of all the common areas that the HOA owns and is responsible for maintaining.

HP Common Areas with aerial