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Still building this page, but we do have some things filled in!

You can see the fence standards, fence examples, and fence and house approved stain and paint palettes under Architectural Control Committee.  (To submit an ACC Request, you'll need to log in to your VIS account.  We'll get the link on here soon.)

The governing documents, plat maps, and the rules are up.

Check back to see our progress!

Most exterior modifications to your home and yard need to be reviewed and approved by the ACC before you begin any projects.

Please submit ACC Applications here: ACC Submission

Fence Example & Approved Stain Colors

Fence Standards

Paint Color Palette

For the ACC Application Form, Please go to the ACC Folder at the top of this list.


Articles of Incorporation

CC&Rs (Declaration)


The current version of this document was approved by the Board on September 16, 2021 and supersedes all prior versions.