Our Association (Subdivisions 1, 2, and 3 only) is managed by

VIS Group, Inc.

The office is located at 8617 Martin Way East in Lacey,

across and a little down the street from Costco.  They

are open M-F from 9-5 and are closed on major holidays.


Customer Service  (800) 537-9619

After hours emergency, choose option #7.


Fax:  253.799.8899


Email:  info@vismanagement.com


Main Websitewww.vismanagement.com


Homeowner Account Log-in: https://frontsteps.cloud/CaliberWeb2_VIS


Mailing address for payments by check:

Make checks to “Horizon Pointe Lacey HOA”

Send to

Horizon Pointe Lacey Homeowners Association

c/o VIS Group, Inc.

PO Box 7218

San Francisco, CA  94120-7218

(Checks are also accepted at the Lacey office.)


Document requests should be made by signing

into www.HomeWiseDocs.com

Board of Directors for 2021/2022

1. President and ACC Chair: Ed Pole II

2. Vice-president:  Johnny Robison

3.  Treasurer: Susan Anderson

4.  Secretary: Amy Spallino

5:  Frank Cisneros

6:  Garrett Lafferty

7:  Michael Patterson

8:  (currently vacant)

9:   (currently vacant)

10:  (currently vacant)

11:  (currently vacant)

12:  (currently vacant)

13:  (currently vacant)


ACC Committee Member

1.  Victor Tobias