Our Association does not have an office or phone.


Our management company is

VIS Group, Inc.

Their office is located at 8617 Martin Way East in Lacey,

across and a little down the street from Costco.  They

are open M-F from 9-5 and are closed on major holidays.

Our manager's name is Yuriy Zinchenko.


Customer Service  (800) 537-9619  (For an after hours emergency, choose option #7.)

Fax:  (253) 799-8899

Email:  info@vismanagement.com

Main Websitewww.vismanagement.com

Homeowner Portal Log-in: https://frontsteps.cloud/CaliberWeb2_VIS

Document requests should be made by signing into www.HomeWiseDocs.com



ACH:  On your account portal link above, click on the “Documents” tab on the top, then “Forms” on the left, and open the fillable ACH form from the menu on the right.  Fill it out and save the document to your computer.  Go back to the home page of the portal and choose the “ACH/EFT” tab on the top, then the “Set up new ACH plan” button on the left and follow the instructions from there.  This option is free - and will also automatically update if there is a change in dues.

To pay by direct debit or credit card:  On your account portal, choose the “Accounting” tab on the top, then the “Pay” button on the left.  Follow the options presented.  Using either of these options rather than the ACH option above will cost you an extra monthly fee charged by the third-party company that handles the transaction.  If you choose this option, you will need to change the amount withdrawn yourself if there is a change in dues.

For payments by check:

Make checks to “Horizon Pointe Lacey HOA”

Mail to:

Horizon Pointe Lacey Homeowners Association

c/o VIS Group, Inc.

PO Box 7218

San Francisco, CA  94120-7218


Checks may be taken to the Lacey office.  Note that dues are recorded as PAID only when a check *clears*, not by when it reaches VIS.

There is no option to pay over the phone.



Board of Directors for 2023/2024

1. President: Ed Pole II

2. Vice-president:  Johnny Robison

3.  Treasurer:  (currently vacant)

4.  Secretary: Jennifer Conley

5:  Jon Bennet

6. Garrett Lafferty

7:  Michael Patterson

8:  (currently vacant)

9:  (currently vacant)

10:  (currently vacant)

11:  (currently vacant)

12:  (currently vacant)

13:  (currently vacant)


ACC Committee

1. Ed Pole II, Chair

2.  Susan Anderson


Communications/Website Committee

1. Susie Aasen, Chair

2.  Jon Bennet